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Airbag Recovery

Mat jack Low Pressure Recovery Bag System

Clayton’s are equipped with the latest in Air Bag Recovery equipment.

This equipment has been used on a large number of jobs and has been found to be very successful. The Air Bag system provides a huge time and cost saving to our customers being able to right a fully loaded semi trailer without having to unload it. This has been successful on multiple occasions, providing massive time savings, and minimised load loss. The Air Bag operators are highly trained and efficient in correct operational procedures to produce the best results. They have also used the air bags in a lot of other delicate recoveries including right sunken boats, lift airplanes and recover rolled caravans.

Mat jack High Pressure Recovery Mats

These Mat jacks start as thin as 2.5 cm and have a massive lifting capacity of 30 tonnes each and are able to lift 30 cm high. They are great for lifting heavy loads in confined spaces and are high strength to reduce the risk of puncturing the mats under load.

Low Pressure Catch Bags

Catch bags are Clayton's latest tool used by Clayton's Incident Response Team. Designed like “jump cushions” they allow for rapid air release as load weight increases, giving better control at any rollover incident. This prevents the load from "dropping" onto the ground during the recovery process to reduce the risk of further damage to the item being recovered.


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