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Recovering vehicles and equipment from the trickiest situations.

Specialist Recovery Equipment

Clayton’s have the most diverse and capable recovery fleets available in Australia. This ranges from Medium sized specialized recovery units to Mega Tows which have a massive 150 tonne recovery capacity. All units are fitted with the latest high capacity recovery equipment available. Mega tows are fitted with 4 dual speed winches, 90 metres of cables and 25 tonne cranes. All operators are trained in the latest recovery techniques and with the equipment they have available are often called on to complete tasks others walk away from.



Clayton's Recovery Equipment in action

4wd Recovery Units fitted with front and rear winches and all associated equipment required for beach and bush 4wd recoveries.


4wd Medium Response Tow Trucks. Fitted with dual winches, suitable for 4wd Recovery and Towing requirements.


Heavy duty 4wd Tow Truck fitted with a 45000 pound winch for serious off-road recoveries as well as being able to lift and tow vehicles.


4 Tonne 4wd Loader fitted with heavy winching equipment and recovery legs.


1.5 Tonne Excavator fitted with hydraulic winching equipment. Able to access the smallest of locations but provide a lot of winching power for a little machine. This Unit is so light it can travel across the wettest of surfaces.


10 Tonne 4wd Loader fitted with heavy winching equipment and recovery legs.


14 Tonne Excavator fitted with heavy winching equipment, Blade, Hydraulic Grab and Buckets. Not for general Hire.


4wd, 40 foot Tilt Tray for off-road and beach towing.


Specialised medium Duty Recovery Units fitted with two winches, 90 metres of cable, recovery legs and double extension crane.


Heavy Tow Trucks fitted with twin winches and recovery legs.


Megatows fitted with heavy crane, recovery legs and 4 heavy duty winches providing up to 150 tonnes recovery.


Matjack Airbag Recovery System capable of righting an overturned Semi Trailer.


Heavy Recovery Unit's (HRU's). These specially designed 4wd Units are designed to work in tight areas providing superior recovery capabilities. Each Unit is fitting with 5 winches, retractable boom to work in confined areas, hydraulic protection frame and hydraulic blade to clear debris at accident sites.


Pozi Track fitted with heavy duty winch and stabilising support system. This Unit is perfect for those sites that rubber tyred equipment can't get into, but is still extremely manoeuvrable and has huge off-road capabilities.



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