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Tilt Trays

A diverse range of tilt trays to suit all your towing needs.

Sunshine Coast Tilt Tray Fleet

Clayton’s have over 40 Tilt Trays available including single drive, bogie drive and super-tilts. Super-tilts are also available with 4wd prime movers and all units are fitted with the latest equipment. This includes full wheel strap systems, container pins, hydraulic rams for unloading loaded containers, and over size transport equipment. Each unit is fitted with larger than standard recovery winches to complete any vehicle recoveries that are required. Dual cab units are also available which can transport up to 7 passengers. All units are built by Ekebol Engineering providing the best equipment available on the market. Operators all complete stringent driver training and testing processes before working in the field.

Just some of the items transported on Clayton's Tilt Trays are Motorbikes, Cars, Trucks, Bus's, Containers, Sheds, Tractors and all varieties of Plant and Machinery and Hire Equipment.


Clayton's Tilt Tray Fleet

Tilt tray Service provided includes:

  • Accident Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Equipment transport
  • Container and Shed Transport
  • Repossessions
  • Hire Equipment Transport
  • Any item that can be safely shifted

Clayton's RACQ Tilt Trays

Clayton’s also have trucks dedicated to major contracts.

One of these is the RACQ which they have provided service to for over 30 years. This has been a very successful relationship for Clayton’s and they now have a number of our trucks in the RACQ livery and devoted to the contract. Other Major Contractors Clayton’s provide for include Coates Hire, Energex, Main Roads and Sunshine Coast Regional Council just to name a few.

Clayton's Tilt Tray Fleet examples

Specialist lowered vehicle transport systems. Clayton’s offer the lowest vehicle loading systems available.


4 Tonne Capacity Tilt Trays.Fitted with container pins, wheel lash systems and second hitches.


6 Tonne Capacity Tilt Trays.Fitted with specialist hydraulic container unloading systems as well as the equipment to transport any item.


10 tonne Capacity Tilt Trays. All operate on airbags, have specialist container hydraulic container unloading systems and have the equipment to transport nearly any item.


Dual Cab Tilt trays for up to 6 passengers including the capability for child seats and capsules. All fitted with wheel lash system.


Specialised Motorcycle transport dollies


Specialist Low Clearance Towing Equipment.


Single drive underlift tow trucks


Bogie Drive underlift tow trucks. Fully equipped to tow up to loaded B Doubles.


Fully equipped Megatows for towing up to 150 tonnes. Operators MC and Dangerous goods licenced to cover any towing need. Also have wheel lift systems to safely transport bus’s and coaches.


Bogie axle Super Tilt. Dual winches, container pins. Also fits on our 4wd prime mover


Tri axle Super Tilt.  40 foot bottom deck with container pins as well as a top deck providing plenty of space.



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